Hierarchy of how authority is transmitted in public libraries in Minnesota:

Statute 134 - the state statute that establishes libraries and designates all libraries as being governed by a board of trustees (unless otherwise designated in an approved city charter).

Governing Board - a body of trustees as designated in Statute 134, and organized according to accepted bylaws, which the board itself may later revise, and should review from time to time for validity.

ByLaws - The rules under which the governing board does its business, including how many trustees there are to be, how they are selected, terms of service for trustees, and typically designating the library director as the executive officer of the board and a non-voting member.

Policies - the vehicle by which the governing board transmits authority to the executive officer and staff to act on behalf of the board.

Procedures - the actions to be taken by the director and staff to ensure the policies are effectively carried out.

Foundational Document

In regard to other foundational documents, State Library Services asks on their annual report form if your library has these policies in place.


2021 MN State Statute

MN Public Library Trustee Handbook

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Who can answer questions on Library Boards at SELCO?

Executive Director (Krista Ross), Public Library Consultant (Steve Harsin)