What is SELCO?

SELCO is one of 12 regional public library systems in Minnesota. We are a federated region, meaning that all of our members are independent and autonomous from SELCO. Only public libraries are members of SELCO.


SELCO Services

There are several services offered as a collaboration between SELCO & SELS. SELCO provides the staff time and SELS provides the funding.


How does your work fit into the region? How does your work affect other libraries in the region? What can SELCO help you with? What SELCO can’t help you with?


New Board Member Orientation

SELCO Advisory Board - all PL directors are members and are welcome to attend meetings.

Consulting- look for monthly Library Trends email for info related to current library topics, data, marketing, etc.

Contract - have a discussion about my library’s contract so I understand it

Fee schedule

Where does funding come from and how it gets distributed to libraries?

Where does our voice fit in as directors? How does our voice get heard?

(Don’t care, don’t understand, too busy to seek it out?)

Who can answer questions about SELCO?

Executive Director (Krista Ross), Public Library Consultant (Steve Harsin)